Wednesday 30 April 2003

Pretty Good Day

I remembered something I needed to post from Monday:

Just imagine my surprise when I got home from work on Monday to find a large cardboard box sitting in the kitchen with my name on it. I racked my brains trying to remember if I had ordered anything recently that would need a box that size… and coming to the conclusion that I couldn’t have ordered anything that big I started to open it.

Upon lifting up the flaps I was greeted by a load of red and white… and my mouth dropped open.

I started pulling out the contents and putting them on the side wondering where the heck they had all come from. Eventually I realised that I had managed to win one of the 10,000 prizes in the recent Kit Kat draw!

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Tuesday 29 April 2003

London… BAH!!

First things first… 4 DAYS!!!!

Today I went up to London, mainly to install the new Wireless 802.11g network up there. I had gotten all the bits last Friday and tested them all out in Sutton first. Yesterday I put the access point, and two PC cards into a bag and took them home so I could take them with me today.

I was meaning to drop my dad at the airport, then carry on to Sutton. Once there I would grab the wireless stuff and walk up to the station without going into the office. Which should’ve saved me some time.

Sounded like a good plan. Shame it didn’t work out quite like that though. I got in the car and drove to the airport, then realised I had forgotten something. The damn bag with the wireless kit in. ARGHHHHHHHH!!!! So I had to drive all the way home again, pick it up and then drive all the way to Sutton. I wasted about an hour in all… not as bad as it could’ve been, but extremely annoying all the same.

Once I got to the London office, I started setting up the access point. Plugged in the power and ethernet cable and put the other end into the hub. Then I sat down at one of the spare computers, changed the IP address to match the same range as the access point was set to (the same as in Sutton, London uses a totally different IP range) and used the Linksys setup program to reassign the IP address of the AP to the right one and changed the PC back to dynamic so it could get re-assigned an IP from the DHCP server.

Once that was done, I set up R’s laptop with the drivers and WEP key for the PC card, and got it online. Then I worked on P’s laptop, same thing. He also wanted me to set up the printer drivers on it so he could connect to the office printer, so I did that too. R wanted me to move the spare LCD into the small office, so I did. Hmm… what else. I set up the same printer on my dad’s laptop while I was there.

One of R’s clients was having some computer problems, so asked if I could give some advice, he was a tough person to try to explain things to. He’s one of these people who thinks he knows what he’s doing, when in actual fact he doesn’t really have a clue. Scary really. He was trying to connect his laptop and PDA to his mobile via bluetooth. 2 problems, his laptop doesn’t have bluetooth, and needs a pc card, and his PDA doesn’t either and needs a compact flash bt card. Nightmare! I didn’t feel like I was actually that much help to him, as he didn’t have everything he needed to get it working, but he seemed happy enough with my advice, so I guess that makes it all worthwhile.

I only expected to be in London for the morning, I ended up being there ALL day!

I need to write something about Monday and Kit Kats… will do that tomorrow!

Monday 28 April 2003


Monday… I hate Mondays. But don’t we all.

I spent most of the day taking 3 old computers apart and trying to build one working PC out of them. I ended up with a P100, 32MB RAM and a 1.7GB hard drive with Windows 95 (the first release) already installed. I then tried to install pcAnywhere but it required at least IE4… so I installed IE5 which I had saved on the server. After a reboot, pcAnywhere would now install. I set up a “host” so it would start on Windows bootup and tried to connect to it from my PC. Amazingly it worked! I created a new user in NDS just for that computer, with the most basic rights – I can’t use my login I’m an admin equivilent! LOL.

After I was happy it would work by itself stuck in a corner, I moved it into the computer room and stuffed it down the side of the server rack, running a network cable from the hub right into it. I then opened up the ports to the box on the router so it could be accessed from the internet. I should be setting up the computers in London to connect to it tomorrow.

I’m sure I did something else, but god knows what. If I remember I’ll post it!

Sunday 27 April 2003

Home Alone!

My parents left around 11am this morning, and won’t return till late Sunday evening. Yay! Being home alone rocks, cos I can play my music as loud as I want, and I get to watch the TV downstairs without someone changing the channel over or bothering me at all.

Sometimes I wish my parents would go out a bit more at weekends, they’re almost always home!

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Thursday 24 April 2003


A couple weeks ago, I rescued an old laptop from work which was destined for the rubbish bin, and managed to get it working again. Woo!! It’s still in pretty good condition, considering the abuse it’s probably taken over the past couple of years.

The screen is a bit dodgy though, you can see it’s slowly wearing out when you tilt it towards or away from you, or if you fiddle with the brightness wheel on the side. Apart from that niggle though, everything else seems ok. At least it was free 😉

I decided that I was going to take the laptop to Canada with me, and give it to Emilee, who is in more need of a computer than I am (I already have 4 PCs plus a laptop!)

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Wednesday 23 April 2003

w.bloggar update pt 2

Wow! Marcelo listened to people’s suggestions, and w.bloggar NOW supports the Extended Entry section of MT 🙂 Outstanding!

I am currently writing this entry in w.bloggar 3.01, and going to see if the Extended Entry tags actually work properly or not.

Here goes:

This text should be visible if you click on the READ MORE… link on my entry. If this actually worked, I’ll be soooo happy 😀

Thanks Marcelo for a wonderful piece of software. Keep the updates coming!

Money Trouble?

I bought my plane tickets the other day. Was a spur of the moment thing. After talking to Em almost the entire weekend, we decided that it would be best if I come over in May instead of June so we get an entire week together instead of only a couple days. Good plan I thought, so I booked the tickets with Travelocity.

Of course I didn’t reckon on my card being rejected! Well it’s my own fault, ordering something costing £500 the wrong side of pay day! Luckily I got the email before they closed for the night, so I called them up immediately and gave them my other card number. So hopefully now that will go through and the tickets will be on their way to me soon 🙂

I also booked my time off work, which luckily I was allowed to take. God knows what I’d do if P had said no. Yeah my payment hadn’t gone through but what if it had? The tickets are non-refundable! I would’ve just thrown £500 down the pisser. It was lucky he was in a good mood, although his laptop was broken. He had been waiting all day for me to get into the office (I spent the morning up in London), as he was getting some odd errors after he’d installed the drivers and software for his digital camera. He also couldn’t get his monitor working with his docking station properly. So I took a look at it.

I uninstalled the drivers he’d put on, to see if that would fix the error message that kept coming up. Something about “an error sending the command to the keyboard”. Didn’t help. So I typed the phrase into Google. BINGO!! It was a problem with the Adobe Type Manager or something, so I uninstalled that too… problem solved. Now onto getting his cam working, I tried downloading the latest from FujiFilm – no good 🙁 Eventually I tried installing the drivers back off the CD, and suddenly there was life! It worked!! YAY! Finally, getting his monitor working again. That took a bit more fiddling, as his laptop really didn’t want to switch off the laptop screen and use the monitor instead. But somehow I solved that too. P was happy, I was happy… I love it when things just work.

Last night Em asked me to make some music CDs for her, and gave me a big list of tracks to put on them. I wrote them all down, worked out what I already had and what I needed. Then after work I loaded up my good friend KaZaA Lite and started to download all the songs I didn’t have. I love ADSL, it only took about 45 minutes to download all 12 songs I needed. If I had done that at home I would’ve been waiting at least 2 hours LOL!

I spent an hour or so sorting all the MP3s out, getting the names right etc. Then I started to set up the CDs I would be putting them onto. Normally I use some really cheap CDs to burn stuff onto, but I decided to use some branded ones for once. Maybe they’ll last a bit longer than my extra cheapola unlabelled ones 😉

I’d like to take this opportunity to “big up” Nero Burning ROM. What a totally fantastic piece of software! Not only can I burn an audio CD with it, but I can create the CD tray and inlay labels… and it even supported the exact paper I had on hand with my CD labeller. So I used two of the built in templates to create some pretty sweet looking labels 🙂 I printed them both out on the proper paper, and put them into the boxes and stuck the CD label onto the CD. Very nice 🙂 I think Em will be impressed 😀

Wow, this was a long entry! Bet that won’t happen again for a while 😛


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