Monday 26 May 2003


I am still alive, I just haven’t updated this in a long time. Right now I don’t feel up to it either.

I’ll try to catch up with some of the entries next week, but I don’t promise anything.

Edit: I obviously never did, and stopped writing on my blog totally until July 2004!

Saturday 10 May 2003

Running Out Of Time

I wake up in the bed alone. Where is Emilee? I get up and wander into the kitchen and see her crashed out on the couch. I wonder why she didn’t come back to bed… did I do something wrong? I couldn’t think what. *sigh*

I decide to crawl back into bed and put on a movie till she wakes up. Couple hours later, she does and explains that she didn’t want to wake me up, that’s why she slept on the couch. I told her that I wouldn’t have cared if I had woken up. I would’ve just preferred that she slept in the bed with me instead of the couch. Oh well, what’s done is done.

She complains of a hangover, which is not surprising when she drank vodka, whiskey, white wine and beer. Even so, she manages to make some food for us both (breakfast AND lunch!)

When Eva gets home from work, Em crawls into bed and falls asleep. She is so sound asleep she doesn’t even hear Kristy come over to collect her jacket she left behind a few days ago! Later on, Eva makes some popcorn and gives me a bowl and we both chat on IRC till she goes to bed. I go to bed not too much later, as I’m tired. My last night in Canada 🙁

Friday 09 May 2003

Graham’s Visit

Graham, one of Em’s friends from Ottawa, is coming over today, so Em tidies up the house most of the morning. While she’s doing that Annie pops over, as Em is still busy and I’m not really doing anything I go with Annie into Chesterville as she needs to run some errands. We drive by the Dine ‘n’ Dash on the way back and pick up some food for ourselves and Em, then go back to Em’s house. We eat the burgers we got and Annie leaves.

Graham arrives not too much later. We sit around the dining table talking till Eva finishes her bus run and leaves for the Dine ‘n’ Dash again. The minute she leaves, we start drinking LOL 😀 Em breaks into the slush and serves some up for all of us. Yum. Tastes good, goes down so easily.

The slush doesn’t last long with 3 people drinking it, so Em and Graham move onto the beer and Canadian Club. We all crash on Em’s bed and start to watch some movies that Graham brought over. I call Eva up on the phone and ask her to bring some food back with her when she finishes work (cheeseburgers and mozz sticks… of course!)

I was really tired after not sleeping that much while I was there; all the late nights, Tony and Dennis playing music at all hours and being woken up early… it had really gotten to me – of course the alcohol didn’t help but I WAS NOT DRUNK. Em and I fell asleep on the bed, although she woke up later and left me there and went downstairs with Graham, Dennis and Tony to carry on drinking into the night.

I have got to say, that was the best night’s sleep I had the entire week I was there!

Thursday 08 May 2003

Roger’s Birthday

After school finishes Jana, one of Em and Dawn’s friends comes back with Dawn. She plays Solitaire on Em’s laptop while Em and Dawn dance around the room to some music. It is Roger’s 19th birthday, so he comes over later, after buying alcohol for the first time legally!

Dennis, Tony, Jana, Dawn, Roger, Emilee and I all go down into the basement to Dennis’ room (actually my first ever time into the basement). Everyone was drinking beer, and I hate beer, so I just sat there and listened to everyone talking. Em drank a few bottles, and started to feel the effects, and decided to head to bed, and I went with her (as I was pretty bored down there!) Also I knew we would have a long day tomorrow as Graham is coming over.

Wednesday 07 May 2003

Day Of The Interview

Em made us both breakfast – bacon and eggs… mmm mmm so very tasty 😀

Her aunt Karen was coming over today, to take us both to Smiths Falls, where Em would be having an interview at Shorewood Packaging (where Karen works) for a job there. It wasn’t long before Karen arrived at Em’s house, and she brought Caden with her. On the drive to Smiths Falls, Caden was being very noisy… he’s only 3, so it’s to be expected!

Karen asked me if I could help her fix her computer as she was having some trouble with it, so I sat down at the keyboard and started to check out what the problems were, and she took Em down to the factory for her interview.

She asked Caden if he wanted to come with her and Em, but he said “No, I want to stay with Alex”. Awwww! Karen asked if that was OK with me, and it was, so she left.

Looking at her computer, she said that it wouldn’t defrag or scandisk properly. Well I couldn’t see the program that was causing the problem, but using ‘msconfig’ and disabling all startup items, rebooting then running scandisk and defrag solved that temporarily. I left the computer to run through both of those which would take at least an hour to complete.

Karen came back after dropping off Em, and I told her what I had done to get scandisk and defrag running, and she asked me to fix a couple other things. She had an error coming up when she opens Wordperfect, something about Phillips Freespeech. I tried to uninstall it, no joy. So I reinstalled it, and uninstalled it… still no joy. So I just reinstalled it and left it there. Obviously the uninstall routine needed some work as it wasn’t removing a component from Wordperfect properly, and just leaving it installed was the easiest solution. She also said there was a problem with their webcam but when I looked at it, it seemed to work ok. Maybe it was just my magic touch? 😉

Karen’s daughter, Teneisha got pissed off that she wasn’t allowed to come with Em and I back to Eva’s, so she threw a temper tantrum. Stomping around, banging on the floor as hard as she could, screaming, calling her mum names and throwing stuff. She threw a couple shoes into the kitchen, then a skipping rope which hit me in the back. That stung a little! Karen made her apologise for that. She finally calmed down, and sat down at the dinner table with a puzzle book and asked me for some help. She even moved to my side of the table so we could work on it together. She is quite a nice kid, when she isn’t in a bad mood 😛

Karen cooked us all dinner (Em and I, her husband, herself and their 3 kids). We had BBQed pork chops, carrots and baked potatoes with sour cream. Very tasty. Just as we were sitting down to dinner, someone noticed a drip coming from the ceiling… the shower was leaking above! Karen got on a chair and poked at the suspended ceiling and warned me to move… I did, slowly… and got a bit wet as all the water on the panel fell right where I had just been sitting!

On the way home, Karen took us to McDonalds to get milkshakes, as a thank you for fixing her PC. Of course I had a vanilla one… they are fantastic in Canada. Actually made with loads of REAL vanilla, not the crappy fake stuff they use over here and in the States. I love them so much!! Kept me quiet for a while I can tell you, hehe.

Tuesday 06 May 2003

My 2nd Day

Today, Dawn had a doctor’s appointment. So we drove into Morrisburg to get something to eat first, and went to Subway – my first time ever having a sub! It was really strange ordering from somewhere you’ve never been before, when the two people you are with know exactly what they want. I just looked at their orders and listened to what they asked for, which helped me out a great deal! I had a “foot-long cold cut trio” with onion and lettuce, with a bit of mayo. It was very tasty… I might be eating at Subway more often 😉

After Subway, we went to Giant Tiger and I got 2 pairs of jeans, and a new t-shirt. Then we drove to the doctor’s office, and I waited in the waiting room for the girls to come back out. After they had finished there, we drove back to Chesterville so Dawn could go to the pharmacy and get her prescription filled. Em needed some cigarettes, so I walked over to the gas station with her… the owner was behind the counter, and Em asked me a big favour – to get them for her. I really hate buying cigs, but I did it anyway.

Em and I went to the liquor store and the grocery store a bit later on, to get the ingredients for the Newfie Slush we were going to make for Friday night.

Later on that day, Kristy came over and needed to run some errands with Em, so they went off together. A bit later, while they were still out, Annie arrived. I was going to go with her… but just as we were about to pull out of the drive, Em and Kristy got back. So they parked the car, and jumped in Annie’s car and we ALL went off together.

We popped into Chesterville for a bit, then went over to Annie’s to get a container for the slush. Said Hi to Chris… he replied with an insult about my weight. Which was lovely! Bastard. I’m glad him and Annie are getting a divorce now, he’s a loser… and Annie does not deserve the crap she gets from him. Annie is a total sweetheart! JP was there, and fancied a night out with us, so he hops in the van too… and we go looking for a liquor store that is still open. We can’t! So we head back to Em’s house with the few bottles of booze that JP had at his house.

We try to play a card game called Screw Your Neighbour, which took most of us quite a while to work out how to play as we’d never played before. Kristy managed to get totally wasted on a bottle and a half of the vodka mixer she was drinking, and couldn’t really concentrate on her game anymore. So Eva was playing for her… It was pretty obvious from the results that Eva does NOT cheat, as Kristy ended up coming third and Eva coming in sixth place! LOL I was last, but that wasn’t unexpected. I didn’t understand the game at all!

We managed to save the bottle of vodka from JP, and Annie and Eva started to make the slush and Em put it in the freezer where Dennis wouldn’t bother to look – cos he would steal it all!

Monday 05 May 2003

Happy As Larry

Who is Larry anyway?

I’m in Canada! I am incredibly happy right now. I love her so much 🙂

I arrived late Saturday evening, after 2 flights with a 4 hour stopover in Detroit. The journey was loooooong but uneventful which was good and bad as you’d expect. Yesterday, we were woken up at 7am by the sound of Jason, a friend of Em and family, ripping out their old side door with a crowbar and a circular saw. He was fitting a new patio door for Eva, which is second hand and she got pretty cheap. He did a damn good job for someone who’s 18. It’s not totally finished as he didn’t have all the equipment and supplies to complete everything… but still it looks amazing. Such an improvement! Eva was really happy as she hadn’t seen it till she got home from work.

Today Em went to the dentist. I went and sat with her while she was in the chair. The dentist said that because she had a cavity in one of her wisdom teeth that it wasn’t worth filling it, but better to pull it. Ouch. He stabbed her with the needle three times to make it numb enough before the pliers came out. It wasn’t a pretty sight. The tooth was pretty big, I didn’t expect it to be that long. I was impressed with Em’s bravery, she could’ve cried or something, but she was fine. Her mouth was very numb and she didn’t feel anything. It’s still bleeding a bit, but that’s to be expected when you have something that big ripped out your gum.

Later on, Em and Dawn (and I) went over to Uncle Bubba’s, so that the girls could clean his house for him while he’s at work. Man, what a mess it was. Dirty clothes everywhere, dust and dry mud all over the floors. Yuck. They made quite light work of it really.

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