Friday 29 October 2004

My Dad’s Tablet PC

After his Tablet PC broke, and was sent off for repair, I knew I’d have a whole lot of software to reinstall when it came back. So I ordered a DVD/CDRW drive for his docking station from Misco. During the phone call I was told it’ll take 3-5 days as the item was out of stock, but this morning it turned up way ahead of its scheduled delivery date. Very impressive!

I’ve spent almost all day reinstalling EVERYTHING from Windows XP, to Office, to all the hardware driver updates it requires.

Almost done! I hope!!

Thursday 28 October 2004

Firefox 1.0 RC1

We’re getting closer to the final release! \o/

I installed RC1 tonight, and discovered a few of my extensions were disabled automatically. Easily fixed though, by editing extensions.rdf and changing the maxversion of the offending extensions to 1.0 from 0.10. I’ll be so glad when they release the final version, and get rid of the stupid 0.10 version number completely.

Whose idea was it anyway to go from 0.93 to 0.10? In the real world that’s a BACKWARDS step!

I won’t give a link to the RC, as it’s not being pushed by the Mozilla Foundation, 1.0PR is still the main release.

Wednesday 27 October 2004

3 New Blogs Already!

I’ve now got 3 new members of BlogPlace. Lewis, Deb and wookit!

Want one too? So what are you waiting for? Join today!!

I’ve just registered a new domain name. I’m going to let a few friends use subdomains for their blogs, if they want one.

Sunday 24 October 2004

Kelbie Gets Pwned!

While I was in Canada this summer, I met loads of new friends… people from the IRC Channel #Hottub on DALnet.

I would have to say that the all-time funniest moment of 2004’s Hottub Party involved DougE naked, and the phrase “but I’ve been a good boy”.

This however was a close second:

Saturday 23 October 2004

Firefox NY Times Ad

Just donated $60 to the campaign, and should have my name in the paper 😉 I just hope Pam can get me a copy on the day so I’ll actually be able to see it for myself!

Want to donate to the cause and get your name in the paper too? Head over to then!


I’ve finally inserted my sidebar onto all my blog pages, instead of just the main index. Should be much easier to get around now, plus it all looks the same. Which is nice.

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