Monday 29 November 2004

Crappy Journey Home

On Saturday, Bonnie and I packed all our stuff up nice and early and left the hotel room, as we left I checked out. Nice and easy. It was about 11am. My flight wasn’t till 5, so I thought Bonnie and I could hang out for a few hours before I needed to be at the airport.

Nope. She ended up having a fight with her mom and dropping me at the airport at 12pm instead! Oh well I thought… only 5 hours to wait.

Again… wrong! I got delayed didn’t I. Something about bad weather in Chicago. My plane finally left Raleigh at 8:30pm (EST), and landed in Chicago just after 9pm (CST). I was supposed to be on the 10pm flight from Chicago to Heathrow… that was less than an hour away from my landing time. There was no way I could get on it.

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Home :(

Well… I’m finally home. Never thought I’d make it, not since everything started to conspire against me. I’ll post more later… right now I need sleep. It’s been a long past 2 days.

Thursday 25 November 2004

Happy Turkey Day!

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. It’s my first one too. Seems a bit odd that someone English is “celebrating” this festival, since the only reason it exists is because people left England to move to the States. Considering the Pilgrims killed hundreds of Native Americans and stole all their land, it’s a pretty odd thing to celebrate, on both sides. 😉

Anyway, Bonnie and I went over to Suzie and Mark’s house where her mom had been cooking most of the day and after a few hours we finally sat down to eat.

We had turkey (yum!) with stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potato, beans, carrots, sweetcorn… and apple pie with cream n ice cream for dessert. T’was very yummy!! I quite enjoyed my first ever Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately Bonnie started to feel very ill soon after eating, she put it down to her neck giving her problems again. 🙁 Poor darling. So Mark dropped me back at the hotel, while Bonnie stayed the night back at her place.

Wednesday 24 November 2004


[21:36] <quack> mmbop

[21:37] <quack> 🙂

[21:37] <loops> k

[21:37] <Wilkesy> shoobadoowop mmmmmmmmmbop

[21:37] <Wilkesy> dobedoooobedoo mmmbop yeah yeah

[21:37] <quack> hehe

[21:38] <xrs444> I want to shag the girl out of hanson

[21:38] <Wilkesy> you DID shag the girl out of hanson

[21:38] <Wilkesy> 🙂

[21:38] <xrs444> she was mighty good

[21:38] <xrs444> her mouth was purdy..

[21:39] <Slink> but hanson was an all boys ba….

[21:39] <Slink> nevermind

[21:40] <xrs444> lol

[21:40] <Wilkesy> 😉

[21:40] <loops> lol

[21:41] <xrs444> she said it was just a strap-on…

[21:41] <xrs444> wondered why she wanted the lights off…

[21:42] <loops> lol

[21:42] <loops> :\

[21:42] <quack> lol

My Trip So Far

My flight from England to Chicago went fine, was on time and lasted a little over 8 hours. Jay was there waiting for me. We drove back to his house, and chatted for a good few hours. I was feeling pretty tired once we got back to his place, but I stayed awake till about 11. I slept till about 9:30 the next day.

Jay and I went to TGI Fridays for lunch, the service was incredible. Our server was really friendly and helpful. Our food arrived really quick, and we got our drinks refilled without having to demand them! This might not be unusual for Americans, but it is for someone from England. I’m just not used to it.

After lunch we went to the Indianapolis Speedway, where they hold the Indy 500 and the USA F1 Grand Prix and looked around the Museum. It’s full of old Indy 500 cars, from the first ever back in 1911 to the modern cars. Then we took a tour around the in-field of the track (they were resurfacing the actual track so we couldn’t do that tour) and saw the F1 track, the golf course, all the stands and Gasoline Alley. It was really interesting.

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Tuesday 23 November 2004

People I’ve Met From The Internet

In July 2007:

dirtieboy (Mike)

In July 2006:

GoldenOrchid (Bri)

SplitPersonalities (Jen)

In June/July 2005 more tubbers:

IceCu[B]e (Angi)

Verbal_Kint (Haydn)

^Roosterteaser^ (Shana)

^DrGreen^ (Randy)

^WyldOne^ (Dan)

In November 2004:

MrFabulous (Jay)

getoutofmygalley (Bonita)

Then in July 2004, a few more tubbers:

StrangeLittleGirl (Pam)

DigiGirl (Kelbie)

Digital_Dragon (Jason)

Raine (Pam)

In 2003:

Soft_Puppy (Emily)

From #Hottub in 2002:

Druid_Prince (Bob)

Gerbra (Lisa)

ShadowDog (Chris)

^Taz^ (Marc)

TunaMan (Joe)

BuMble^ (Jacs)

FlipShades (Doug)

jettt (Joan)

Tazzzy_Gal (Christy)

Taffi (Eva)

Cheerangel (Tobes)

Elaine21 (Elaine, duh)

Seaview-SSBN (Bob)

Jimi_Girl (Nikki)

madmanpondo (Brad)

From my #Singles days:

GenerationX & Audryna (Gareth and Kalani)

MizzJudi (Judi, duh)

Twilight-Master (Nico)

Echild & Missheru (Phil and Michelle)

Lewis (Lewis, duh)

T|me69 (Matt)

Shylah (Em)

a4biddenfruit (Danielle)

HunneyB (Claire)

Melanie^ (Melanie, duh)

Friday 19 November 2004

HL2 Quote

Best quote I’ve seen so far:

When I first encountered the venom crabs in Ravenholm I assumed the fetal position in a dark corner of my room, sobbing and shaking uncontrollably until they found me the following morning, unconscious and drenched in urine and vomit. After a few intense therapeutical sessions I am finally beginning to overcome the post-traumatic stress, though the nightmares still haunt me.

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