Thursday 24 February 2005


I’m in London today, first thing I did was check what channel our wireless network was using… it was set to 11. Ever since we moved offices the reception here has been awful, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Yesterday I suddenly thought, what if all the other wireless networks we’re picking up are using channel 11 too? So I looked on the web to see if changing the channel can actually have any downsides… as long as you stick to 1, 6 or 11 you should be fine, as they don’t overlap.

So I changed the channel on the Access Point to 1 and clicked Save. Almost immediately the network was discovered by my dad’s tablet PC and it said FULL STRENGTH!

Finally, that problem is solved!

Tuesday 22 February 2005


I spent half of Friday, all of Monday and the first part of Tuesday attacking the office firewall with a hammer… ok, not really. But it was coming close to that. I kept fiddling with all the configurations to try to get incoming SMTP working but to no avail. What was confusing was that attempts to connect to port 25 were appearing in the firewall logs but the connection would ultimately fail.

Eventually a light bulb went on over my head and I realised that it must be my ISP blocking it. So I rang them up and asked them… and they were! I asked them to open the port up on the IP our Exchange server uses and they did it within the hour.

Everything now works perfectly!

Next step… create all the email accounts for everyone, then move the DNS for all our domains Exchange will service over to so I can modify the MX record easily. This is probably the scariest part, as all email and web access will probably drop for a while as the propagation takes place all around the world. 🙂

Monday 21 February 2005

25 Million Downloads!

25 Million Downloads!

Firefox Burns The World

Sunday 20 February 2005

Valentines Flash

Check this out. It’s brilliant.

Saturday 19 February 2005

MSN Update

I updated my post on MSN Messenger 7 today, replaced one of the patches with a much better one. More info in the article. 🙂

Wednesday 16 February 2005

Woot ;)

If there is someone on your friends list you would like to take, strip naked, tie them to a bedpost, lick them until they scream, then *bleep* them until both of you are senseless and unable to *bleep* anymore, then wait about 5 minutes and do it all over again, then post this exact sentence in YOUR journal.

Found on Kelbie’s blog. And no, this doesn’t mean I’m specifically thinking of Kelbie… there is someone else on my “blogroll” I’d like to do that to.

Tuesday 15 February 2005

Jury Duty

A jury pool is being formed for the first degree murder trial of Roger Lee Lawrence in Delaware County, Oklahoma. The names of the potential jurors were chosen from a list of county residents with drivers licenses. One of the people called for jury service is Scott Borton. However, it is certain that Scott Borton will not be chosen as a juror for a couple of reasons.

First, Scott Borton is dead.

Second, Roger Lee Lawrence is being tried for murdering him.

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