Friday 29 April 2005

Borrowed From Kelbie

Taken from here:

( ) go out with me?

( ) give me your number?

( ) let me kiss you?

( ) have sex with me?

( ) play an SM scene with me?

( ) watch a movie with me… even a really sappy one?

( ) let me take you out to dinner?

( ) drive me somewhere/anywhere?

( ) take a shower with me?

( ) be my gf?

( ) have a fling with me?

( ) listen to me if I called you, crying, even if you were out with all of your friends?

( ) buy me a drink if I didn’t have money?

( ) take me home for the night?

( ) let me sleep in your bed?

( ) sing car karaoke with me?

( ) sit in the doctor’s office with me because I didn’t want to go alone?

( ) come and pick me up at 3am because my car ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere?

( ) re-post this for me to answer your questions?

For Kelbie I guess I’d have to say all of the above LOL! *wink*

So… anyone willing to answer for me?

50 Million Firefox Downloads!

Mozilla Firefox has been download 50 million times since its 1.0 release in November 2004. When I last checked there have been 50,009,423 copies downloaded and it’s still rising fast.

Thursday 28 April 2005

Voter Apathy

My friend Lewis makes a good point about apathy over on his blog.

…the case against voting remains: the differences between the parties amount to flushing the country down different drains, rather than fishing it out the bog altogether.

Firefox Market Share Continues To Rise

As reported by The Register today, Firefox’s market share has doubled and is now 10.28%, with IE holding onto 83.7%.

How long before Firefox grabs hold of 25% of the market I wonder. 50 million downloads isn’t far away either!

Sunday 24 April 2005

Back To Normal

Well that’s St George’s day over for another year, so my blog’s all back to normal again. I way prefer all the lovely blues, the red is pretty hideous really… but it had to be done. 🙂

Saturday 23 April 2005

Happy St George’s Day

To all the English folks out there… Happy St George’s Day!!

As you can probably see (unless you’re totally blind), I’ve skinned my blog to celebrate. 🙂

Cry God for Harry, England and Saint George!

Friday 22 April 2005

Me On The Train

Bonita took that pic, and FYI it’s her hand not mine. 🙂

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