Wednesday 31 August 2005

Katrina’s Legacy

New Orleans Flood 1

A city devastated by flood water.

New Orleans Flood 2

One of the floodwalls alongside a canal bursts, and torrents of water pour out with tremendous force into the surrounding neighbourhood.

New Orleans Flood 3

A hole in another floodwall, you can see that the houses on the right haven’t been flooded, although that may have changed since the photo was taken.

Lake Pontchartrain sits almost 5 feet above sea level and it continued to flood the city until it levelled out, the Army Corps of Engineers are attempting to plug the breaches in the floodwalls so they can begin to repair the levees and start pumping some of the water out of the city.

It may take up to a month before all the water has been pumped out, and if what the Mayor of New Orleans is true, then thousands may have perished in what is becoming possibly the worst natural disaster the United States has ever seen.


Friday 26 August 2005

Movable Type 3.2 Released!

I beta tested Movable Type 3.2

A few hours ago, Movable Type 3.2 was released to the world. I’ve upgraded my blog from 3.17, totally painlessly! I’m very impressed. I’ve been testing out some of the betas and they always seemed to go well, I was a little worried about upgrading my main blog but I needn’t have worried.

There are still a few more things to do before I’ll be happy with the upgrade, like changing the back-end’s CSS and also the HTML on the front-end so it matches the new style templates… and a few other things. It’s pretty late here, so I’ll deal with the rest another time.

Some of the cool new features include:

  • It’s a free update for any licensed user of MT 3.x with the easiest upgrade ever!
  • All licenses now support an unlimited number of blogs, so there’s no limit to what you can do with your site.
  • There’s a System Overview, letting you manage all your blogs in one place.
  • Smart new templates and styles that are available on TypePad, Movable Type and LiveJournal! Drop in a new style from the library and watch your site change.
  • Brand new user manual and the Knowledge Base is now available to everyone.
  • The bundled SpamLookup plugin, trusted commentors, a junk folder, and much simpler individual archive templates help authors fight spam.
Wednesday 17 August 2005


Someone in Bush’s administration has stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong and has caused ICANN (the body that overseas the running of the internet, and decides what can and can’t be a top level domain) to hold off on their approval of the new .xxx TLD.

ICANN doesn’t need people from the US government poking around in their business, especially if they want to attempt to stay neutral and actually keep their control of the internet. The UN and the ITU are very interested in shutting ICANN down and handing everything over to a totally international body instead of one that’s US-centric. Personally I think ICANN does do a lot of things right and I’m not sure the UN could do a better job.

Anyway… .xxx is on hold till all the concerns are worked out. Now I’m not sure if, with the creation of a domain specifically for pornographic material, the use of it will be enforced. I’m sure the sex industry wouldn’t go without a fight, they’ve been very happy with their dot coms so far, and to be suddenly forced to register a new address and move might make some people very pissed off.

But the idea of being able to lump it all together is good. Parents can set blocks on *.xxx so their kids can’t access the information, it’s very easy to stumble across porn and other unsuitable material… just a simple mistake typing in a web address and you may find yourself staring at something you don’t expect. Or if you don’t realise that isn’t the site of the President’s home (it’s actually).

.xxx is a good idea, in principle. I just hope when it’s finally approved, it’s managed correctly.

Monday 15 August 2005


I did have another entry where this one is… but I had to delete it since I’d already posted the exact same joke almost a year ago. Oops!!

Thursday 11 August 2005


I’ve started receiving emails from an organisation calling itself SPAMIS (Strategic Partnership Against Microsoft Illegal Spam).

SPAMIS is run by a ROKSO listed spammer called Robert Soloway, and he’s been sued by Microsoft for his illegal activities for a good few million dollars in damages. Guess he didn’t learn his lesson and is continuing to bombard people with his crap.

He’s actually had all of the SPAMIS domain names suspended, so none of the links in his emails to his website work any more.

What this fucktard is trying to do is take the negative attention he’s receiving (because he’s a bastard spammer that deserves to hang) and attempting to turn it back towards his persecutor, Microsoft. He’s fighting back the only way he knows how, through more spam. Which certainly doesn’t make him appear in a better light, does he seriously not realise this?? I truly hope Microsoft sue him again, and again.

You can read more about SPAMIS and its pointless campaign here.

UPDATE: Still receiving this crap. It’s hard to block too since he uses my address in the From and To fields and therefore bypasses the filters via the Whitelist!

Monday 08 August 2005

RSS/Atom Feeds

With the Atom 1.0 specification finalised, I’ve decided to drop support for RSS completely. Once Movable Type 3.2 is released I will be upgrading my Atom feed to 1.0 from 0.3.

I have already removed the RSS feeds, but for the next few days/weeks Atom will still be a 0.3 version.

UPDATE: I am only supporting Atom 1.0 now.

Wednesday 03 August 2005

Airbus Crash Lands

There was a plane crash at Toronto’s Pearson Airport yesterday afternoon when an Air France airbus overshot the runway, skidded into a ditch and caught fire. It came pretty close to the 401! Luckily no one was killed in the accident, which is amazing really, just a few injuries… probably mostly caused on exiting the plane.

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