Tuesday 31 January 2006

Forcibly Removing Public Folders From Exchange 2003



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Friday 27 January 2006

Lost Episode Guide

This is mainly for my own records but I guess it might be useful for other people.

PS: Lost is possibly the best show on TV. With the exception of CSI, 24, Prison Break, and Top Gear.

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Thursday 26 January 2006

Your BBFC Rating

I just saw Neil post his BBFC rating on his blog so I took the quiz too.

My life has been rated:
Click to find out your rating!
See what your rating is!
Created by bart666

What does this mean?
Suitable for 12 years or older, but under 18s must be with an adult. This is virtually identical to the 12 certificate, in that we’ll have some adult-themed storylines, but no real meat or detail. No scary bits, but some language and maybe a bit of skin.
Examples: Die Another Day, Lord Of The Rings

Same as Neil!

Wednesday 25 January 2006

Banned Xbox 360 Advert

After having the fantastic “life to death” advert for the first Xbox banned, Microsoft have done it again; this time for the Xbox 360. It reminds me of an episode of Spaced, the fantastic Channel 4 series.

It really is brilliant though, and a real shame that it’ll never be shown on TV. You can view the video here:

You can also download an WMV of the advert via bittorrent. If you need a bittorrent client, I highly recommend µTorrent.

Monday 23 January 2006

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Arctic Monkeys
Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

My new favourite album, just released today. A week earlier than originally planned, probably brought forward because it leaked onto the internet.

The 2 singles are probably my favourites, but the rest of the album rocks.

Highly recommended, and only £8.99 from play.com.

PS: The Monkeys were on Jo Wiley’s show on Radio 1 a few days ago and they did a cover of Love Machine, that’s right! The Girls Aloud song… and it’s f-ing brilliant. You can download that here: Arctic Monkeys – Love Machine.

Also, you should get your mits on Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down [FakeID’s Scummy Mix].

PPS: I’ve put it onto my new MP3 player so I can keep listening to it wherever I happen to be. 🙂

Friday 20 January 2006

Creative Zen Vision:M

So here it is, a little review of my new Zen Vision:M.

First let’s take a look at the packaging… here’s the outer box. It’s black… like the player inside.

Zen Vision:M outer packaging

If we slide the inner box out and open it up we see the earphones (why did they have to be white?) and the Zen itself in a little protective plastic sleeve.

Zen Vision:M and earphones

If we remove the top layer of foam then we see the charger underneath, also encased in foam, which supports 100 to 240 volts so you can travel with it. Very handy!

Zen charger

Also in the box are 2 connectors for the charger with a UK 3-pin and a European 2-pin plug; there’s also a USB cable which is a good length if you have to plug it into your PC at the back. In the little bit of bubble wrap is the “mini dock”. This is for connecting your Zen to the charger, USB cable and has an AV output so you can connect it to a TV – but the wire for that is sold separately.

USB cable and connectors

Of course no product like this is complete without the manual and software CD. The manual looks pretty big but that’s because it’s got 5 other languages after the English instructions. The yellow piece of paper with “READ ME FIRST” on it is a warning that if you have QuickTime 7.0.2 or below you need to upgrade to 7.0.3 or later otherwise the installer on the CD will crash. This is definitely required as it crashed on me as I only had QuickTime 7.0.2 installed. Also included in this pack is a little suede bag to keep your Zen in to stop it getting scratched.

Software CD and manual

You need to install the software to be able to use Explorer to transfer data to and from your Zen, otherwise you’d be stuck using Windows Media Player 10 only. It doesn’t appear as a drive letter like a USB flash drive, but as a separate “device”.

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Tuesday 17 January 2006

Updating My Firefox Extensions

Just updated my Firefox Extensions list with the latest ones that I’m using at home and work.

I have finally replaced TabBrowser Extensions with Tab Mix Plus as it now does pretty much everything TBE did but so much better. It’s quicker and crashes less often… AND the most important thing – Bloglines works with it in Single Window Mode unlike TBE, which really was the turning point.

I had complained time and time again about Bloglines not working with TBE’s Popup Controller Module enabled but under Firefox 1.5 it was impossible to disable it, making Bloglines totally useless. I got fed up with having to keep changing TBE’s options to allow one site to work then changing them back again… so I uninstalled it and installed TMP instead. What a refreshing change that was. Doubt I’ll ever go back to TBE now.

The latest version of TMP (0.3 at time of writing) has added a Session Manager, so if Firefox crashes it should be able to restore the tabs you had open. About time! Very useful feature indeed. Firefox 2 now includes its own Session Manager, so you don’t need to use TMP’s version any more.

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