Monday 29 May 2006

England vs Barbarians

Went to Twickenham on Sunday to see England pull out a great 46-19 victory over the Barbarians. It started off a bit shaky but England stayed strong and eventually racked up 6 tries.

James Simpson-Daniel scored a fantastic try, intercepting the ball from a Baa-Baa pass right up at the England end, saving us from conceding a try, and ran almost the full length of the pitch to place the ball neatly between the Barbarian posts.

Full match write-ups: BBC, Rugby Rugby.

Sunday 21 May 2006

Lordi Win Eurovision!!


By far the best entry… by this rather odd looking Finnish rock band. They managed to pick up 292 points. The highest score ever in the Eurovision Song Contest (but there are more countries in it this year).

An honorable mention has to go to Lithuania for this audacious entry entitled “We Are The Winners”.

Monday 15 May 2006

Why Vegetarians Should Be Fed Lard

Written by Nikolas Lloyd, originally posted on a site hosted by Newcastle University till a bunch of humourless veggies complained and it was taken down. I find it rather unsettling that this essay was censored when it’s not even supposed to be serious. So read on… and take with a pinch of salt.

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Sunday 14 May 2006


My mum noticed one of my car’s rear tyres was looking a little flat. So I checked the pressure, and found it was dangerously low.

Normally it should be 26 PSI, but it was only 5.5 PSI. Oops. Very lucky she saw it, otherwise I could’ve ended up having an accident.

Update: I’ve actually got a slow puncture. I noticed the tyre was a bit deflated again yesterday, and I had to go to a petrol station to pump it back up again. Unfortunately by the time I got to one with a working pump it was almost completely flat, and I’m a little worried I might have damaged my alloy wheel since I was close to driving on the rim. That would not be good.

Friday 12 May 2006

Buddha’s Birthday Celebrations

Check out the cool smoking unicycling lion I saw in London today!

Wednesday 10 May 2006

Windows Live Messenger

I have a bunch of invites to the Windows Live Messenger beta if anyone wants one, not that you actually need one to use the beta anymore – it’s public!

I rather like the new version of MSN Messenger, although I’ve not installed it at home yet. I am waiting for it to come out of beta and for the Live version of Messenger Plus! to be released. I have been using the beta (with a working MessPatch) at work however, and I am very impressed… though I do miss being able to type /me in a message.

I’ll probably post an updated set of installation instructions when Windows Live Messenger goes gold, when Messenger Plus! Live goes gold, and when there’s an updated MessPatch.

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Saturday 06 May 2006

Death By Champagne Cork?

There I was, standing in the kitchen talking to my mum, who was uncorking some champagne.

When suddenly, the cork fired out out of the bottle with a loud bang, ricocheted off a kitchen cabinet, skimmed the back of my head, and amazingly landed right in the bin! She couldn’t have managed that if she’d tried.

If I’d been standing just one inch closer to the sink I’m sure I would’ve had the cork smack me in the side of the head! I felt it graze my hair so I knew it was pretty close to hitting me.

My mum had her hand around the top of the bottle as she was pulling the cork out, but as it shot out unexpectedly there was nothing she could do to stop it. I’m really glad she’d been pointing it at a cupboard and not directly at me. Could’ve been very nasty.

I don’t really want to be killed by a champagne cork, it is a rather embarrassing way to go.

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