Tuesday 27 June 2006

Bad Day At The Office?

Found this on the BBC News website:

Bad Day At The Office
Monday 26 June 2006

Messenger Plus! Live

On Saturday Patchou released the latest version of his fantastic add-on to Microsoft’s instant messenger, now known as Windows Live Messenger. Because of the rebranding from MSN Messenger, he has also rebranded his product to Messenger Plus! Live. Not a huge change name-wise, but he has recoded the entire thing from the ground up, and with a completely new GUI.

If you’ve used it before, or even if you haven’t… grab it from the official site now!

Friday 23 June 2006

Getting Desperate

Will code HTML for food.
Tuesday 20 June 2006

Mess Patch For Windows Live Messenger

Didn’t have to wait long at all. Rolando must’ve stayed up all night to get the latest release of this patch out the door.

Time to get patching my WLM! 🙂

You can grab the patch from mess.be or directly here.

Update: The patch has been updated for build 8.0.0792.

After patching my WLM, this is what it looks like:

Contact List


Conversation Window

Much nicer!

Opera 9

As anyone who knows me or reads this blog will probably know, I’m a huge fan of Firefox. As much as I love Fx, this isn’t to say I don’t like Opera. It’s not IE, which makes it a good thing. In fact Opera does a few things a hell of a lot better than Firefox, like zooming, which I always use when browsing from my HTPC.

Well, on the same day as Windows Live Messenger is released, Opera 9.0 has been announced.

With built in BitTorrent support, content and popup blocking, IRC and email clients… it’s incredibly full featured, and very fast. It even passes the ACID2 test!

Even with all those handy built in features, and what-not, I’m sticking with Firefox as my main browser. I love my extensions and I couldn’t live without them.

Windows Live Messenger Is Gold!

As a few sites had predicted, Windows Live Messenger will be dropping out of beta tonight… and now it’s been confirmed by Leah on the MessengerSays blog.

The final build number is: 8.0.0787, the last beta was 689.

To download WLM, go to the official download page.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for a new messpatch to clean up the contact list and conversation windows, and for a version of MsgPlus! Live that works.

Update: Incredibly, just days after release, there’s an update already! It appeared on Microsoft’s site, then disappeared for a bit, then reappeared again. A little confusing, no?

The build number is now up to 8.0.0792. Not much has changed between the first release and this one, mainly some extra text inserted, preparing for the eventual Yahoo! integration.

Monday 19 June 2006

Tying Our Hands

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