Sunday 29 October 2006

Leaving Comments

I have (possibly temporarily) re-enabled commenting on my blog. In the past spammers have managed to hammer my site so badly I’ve had to withdraw the ability to add comments, on more than one occasion.

I am now trying a new tactic, using AJAX, to see if they can still manage to screw up Perl on my server.

UPDATE: I have also made some layout changes. I increased the width of the site so it fits better on higher resolutions. Sorry to those people still on 800×600, I’m not catering to you any more! I’ve also made the little menu across the top prettier.

UPDATE 2: I have finally added OpenID and LiveJournal logins to the comment area. I’ve been meaning to do that for ages.

UPDATE 3: I followed the instructions here to “AJAXify” my blog.

Monday 23 October 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2

Firefox 2.0 Has Been Released!!

Hot on the heels of Internet Explorer 7, and after many months of testing, the next major release of Firefox has finally been made available to the public.

You can grab the Windows release in US English and British English here.

If you need a British English Dictionary, which unfortunately can’t come with the installer, get it here.

Be warned though, it may break some of your extensions, but if they are incompatible they should be disabled until a working version becomes available.

Thursday 19 October 2006

My Ongoing Car Saga Part 6

*shakes his head*

Why can’t anything just go smoothly? I sent off the application to retain my registration mark on the 8th, I got a call on Monday from the DVLA to tell me they’d rung up the accident repair centre where my car had been and found out it’d been moved somewhere.

My stupid insurance company moved my car, knowing full well I’m trying to retain my number plate and that the DVLA would need to inspect it. So I had to ring them up, find out where my car was and then tell the DVLA where they need to go instead.

As soon as this is all over I’m cancelling my policy and changing insurance company, I can’t be doing with this any more. I’ve renewed for another year, mainly because it was up on the 15th of Nov and I’ve not got the money yet.

Saturday 07 October 2006

My Ongoing Car Saga Part 5

Guess what arrived in the post this morning…


Someone from my insurance company phoned me yesterday and told me they’d received it and it’d be in the post and should arrive in a few days, but it came this morning. I stuck it, the letter of no interest and the retention application form in an envelope and shoved it in the mail back to the DVLA.

You know what really pisses me off about this whole mess? When I first requested the report I still had a month left on my tax disc. Now we’re in October and it expires on the 31st. I can’t get a refund on what was left now… thanks a bunch, bloody useless insurance company!

Wednesday 04 October 2006

My Ongoing Car Saga Part 4

The engineer that looked at my car should be fired.

I’ve been waiting 12 days for him to send his fucking report into my insurer’s claims department, and still nothing. How many times do I have to ring up and get a CSR to chase him for it?

Tuesday 03 October 2006

My Ongoing Car Saga Part 3 (Timeline)

Finally received the letter of no interest this morning. No engineer’s report yet! Chased it up with my insurer yet again.

This is starting to really piss me off.

Brief Timeline

  • 24th AugustCrashed my car.
  • 8th SeptemberCar written off. Finally heard from the engineer himself!
  • 9th September – Ripped out audio system from old car.
  • 16th SeptemberBought new car.
  • 18th September – Sent out retention application to the DVLA.
  • 22nd SeptemberHeard from DVLA, was told I need letter of no interest and engineer’s report. Requested both from insurance company.
  • 28th September – Took ownership of new car.
  • 30th September – Chased up both with insurer, they were waiting on engineer’s report before sending out letter + report. The engineer doesn’t work weekends so they’d have to call him on Monday.
  • 2nd OctoberCalled insurance company again. They spoke to engineer and I was told he’d be sending it via email to their office straight away. Letter was put in post.
  • 3rd October – Received letter of no interest. Hooray (!) Called insurer again, found out the report had not been sent into the office and the person I’d spoken to on the 2nd was (apparently) dealing with it. Will chase YET AGAIN tomorrow.
  • 4th OctoberGuess what? Yeah… no engineer’s report! They’re going to chase him for it again. 12 days now I’ve been waiting for that report. Fucking useless the lot of them.
  • 5th October – Praise the Lord! Someone called me and told me they’ve got the engineer’s report!
  • 6th OctoberI now have the engineer’s report in my hands. Only took TWO FUCKING WEEKS.
  • 8th October – Sent off the retention application again.
  • 16th October – Found out from DVLA my car had been moved. Updated them with the new address after finding it out from the insurer.
  • November – Received new V5 from DVLA for the MG with “new” registration.
  • November – Received retention certificate from the DVLA. The registration number is mine again! I’ll be putting it on my new car soon.
  • November – Sent off all required documents to insurer. We’re getting closer to finalising this whole mess!
  • 21st November – Got a call from insurance company letting me know they’re sending the cheque.

(I need to confirm the dates on some of the above)

Full Feeds Forever!

Robert Scoble writes:

I hate partial RSS and Atom subscription feeds. So, of course I signed the fullfeeds petition.

I agree, partial feeds suck. I’ve also signed the petition.

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