Tuesday 21 November 2006


Quiznos in Crawley

OMG! There’s a Quiznos in Crawley!

Now I can ask for a sub without toe-mar-toes and not toe-may-toes.

My Ongoing Car Saga Part 7

Just got a call from my insurance company saying they’ll be sending the cheque out today. Should get it in a couple days, and soon this whole mess will be over.

Saturday 18 November 2006

Creative Does The Right Thing

A month ago Creative did a terrible thing. They released a new firmware for the Creative Zen Vision:M which removed a feature. The ability to record FM radio.

Now it’s back! Creative have performed a U-turn, and restored FM recording to the player. They probably didn’t want any legal action from all those unhappy customers for removing a feature they paid for, and maybe actually chose the ZVM for.

I’m definitely happy about this news. Let’s just hope Creative don’t change their mind again.

27 Long Years

I turned 27 on the 16th.

That is all.

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Tuesday 14 November 2006

Exploding Laptop Battery

Here’s an impressive video for you. An ordinary laptop battery is forced into an unstable state, just watch what happens!

Originally from PC Pitstop.

Wednesday 08 November 2006

Start Wearing Purple Say The Gypsy Punks

On the 4th I went to see Gogol Bordello at Brixton Carling Academy. Also playing were Disco Ensemble, Danko Jones and Bedouin Soundclash. Didn’t really care for Disco Ensemble, and Danko Jones weren’t as good as I hoped… but Bedouin Soundclash were fantastic. I love “When The Night Feels My Song”. So beautiful.

I met up with one of my friends from bit-tech, Hex, at the gig. It was cool to finally meet her and her boyfriend. I certainly enjoyed the gig more knowing that I knew someone else there.

After Bedouin Soundclash left the stage, the stage-hands started setting up for the headline act. The fabulous Gogol Bordello. When they came on stage… they totally blew me away.

The first time I had ever seen Gogol Bordello was on Later With Jools Holland back in June, and realised they were the band who’d recorded Start Wearing Purple which I’d first heard on Zane Lowe’s show on Radio 1. There was something incredibly different about their sound which is inspired by gypsy music, as most of their members are immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Phil Jupitus described them as a bit like “The Clash having a fight with The Pogues in Eastern Europe.”

I knew they were a intense and frenetic band, but I wasn’t really ready for what I saw and heard. Eugene Hütz was leaping about the stage like crazy, strumming his guitar and shouting into the mic. The female dancers first appeared with washboards strapped to their backs, later appeared with a large bass drum and cymbals. Then there was the guy with the fiddle, who tears up his bow strings something rotten, and the accordion player jumping around. Eugene also plays a mean red fire bucket, placed over the top of a mic stand and banged with drum sticks.

Right at the end of the gig, the dancer with the bass drum jumped into the crowd and Eugene followed her. He even managed to stand up on the drum somehow, all while the rest of the band are playing their hearts out.

They truly are a band that have got to be seen live, you will never experience anything quite like it. I can’t wait to be able to see them again.

Tuesday 07 November 2006

Punk Cabaret, The Dresden Dolls Way

Friday 3rd November 2006 – The Roundhouse in Camden

The Dresden Dolls played a bloody amazing set.

Before they came on stage there were the support acts, but they weren’t your usual acts, oh no. The Dresden Dolls would never do anything what you could call “normal”! Apparently there’ll be a DVD of the Roundhouse shows, which I cannot wait to get my hands on. Hopefully it will cover all of the support acts.

Jason Webley and Baby Dee were the stand out musical acts.

Jason Webley got us to sing The Drinking Song with him, but we weren’t singing it loud enough or drunkenly enough – someone in the crowd shouted out “we’re sober” – so he got us to point our fingers in the air, stare at it, then spin around 12 times. Which we all did, with him counting (not in the correct order mind you, to get us spinning a few more times than 12). He also sang a song about aardvarks, with a bit more audience participation. I loved the way it was just him on stage, with his accordion, a bottle full of coins and using his feet as drums by stomping on the stage.

Baby Dee, now there’s a strange character. Very obviously a man, but partly in drag. I’ve since found out that she lives as a woman… but a fantastic sense of humour that comes across in her songs, such as “I’m Not The Only Piss-pot In The House”.

Then there was Margaret Cho. She MCed the evening, but did a performance herself before the Dolls. She was dressed like an oriental dancer in a bikini, with 2 huge feathery fans. She span them around and twirled them about. Then she removed her bikini top exposing her tassel covered nipples. After a bit more twirling of the fans she started to undo her bottoms… until they came off… but she kept her front covered by the fans… slowly teasing us with them one by one. Until finally… she pulled them away to expose herself… and a huge dangly cock. Now who in the audience expected that? Certainly not me, very funny it was too.

But then came the reason I was there in the first place. The Dresden Dolls themselves.

I had never seen Amanda and Brian play live before, and I hope that won’t be the last time. I love watching people enjoy the music they’re singing, and there aren’t many bands who enjoy themselves as much as The Dresden Dolls.

They played all of my favourites, and it was a real treat to hear The Jeep Song played live, with singers pulled out of the audience, and the dancers during Gravity… one of them twirling in the air supported by nothing but a piece of material. Absolutely amazing! And the cover of Mad World with the guy from The Red Paintings was great, although my brother didn’t think so.

Unfortunately I managed to miss my train back home, so I didn’t get back until 2AM, but after a night like that… who cares.

When’s the DVD out?

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