Monday 29 January 2007

300 Trailer

God this looks good. Should be one of the movies of the year.

Coming to the UK in 30 March 2007.

Sunday 21 January 2007

Mazda3 Possibly Vulnerable To Break-Ins

Well that’s probably the case with almost every car, since they have windows… but this is something different.

It appears that a few owners of the Mazda3 have come back to their vehicles to find their valuables missing but no visible signs of breaking and entering like shattered glass or broken locks. The only clue left by thieves is a big dent in the front passenger door. Canadian website got the skinny from an anonymous Mazda dealer that if one hits the passenger door hard in just the right spot it will affect the lock assembly mechanism and unlock the doors.

More info here.

Obviously this isn’t brilliant news for me, since I bought one a few months ago; but at least Mazda are doing something about it. I hope they do a recall, and get mine sorted. I’ve already suffered a car of mine being broken into, twice. My Fiat Punto.

First time they smashed the window, but the second time they jammed something like a screwdriver into the lock and forced it open. It took me a while to realise it had been forced, as I had first thought I’d been stupid and left the passenger door unlocked since it didn’t have central locking. At least I never keep anything of real value in my cars. It is upsetting to know someone’s been rummaging through your belongings though.

Thursday 18 January 2007

New Server Case Part III

The server’s all fixed!

Logging in took no time at all, when I was expecting to have to wait bloody ages for the desktop to come up like last night. I checked out Network Connections and found that one of the NICs was missing and the other was “Limited” due to there not being a DHCP server on the network. The server is the DHCP server and it never talks to itself.

After a bit of fiddling with drivers (the onboard NIC really didn’t want to be installed), and finding out how to unhide non-present network cards from device manager, I had both cards working properly and with the correct IP settings. Once I’d put in the proper IP for the main NIC everything started working as it should.

So I’m a happy duck again.

Movable Type 3.34

The latest version of Movable Type was released yesterday so I upgraded this morning. It fixes a few XSS vulnerabilities, but not much else. It does add more FastCGI support, but I can’t use that as it’s not supported on this web server. Boo!

I’ve copied the 2 hacks over that I need, an additional parameter in for sendmail so notifications actually get sent and a complete modification to so Nokia Lifeblog on my N70 works. Everything else should just work as before. How painless!

Wednesday 17 January 2007

New Server Case Part II

Well I decided to move the hardware out of the old case and into the new one. Bad move.

The 5 hard drives, being PATA, cannot be connected up if the cage is correctly fitted as the cables are not long enough. Plus you cannot put the side panel back on, even if the data cables did fit, as the power cables stick out in the way.

I’ll have to wait till I replace all the drives with SATA ones before I can fit the cage properly. It’s sitting on its side at the moment, not exactly secure.

The next problem I had was that when powering up, the PC didn’t want to boot off the system drive, it was trying a completely different one. I had made damn sure I put the drives back in the right order, and connected them all up to the same channels they had before. But something went wrong. So I had to try to work out which drive was the system drive and change in the BIOS which one it was.

Then I made my next mistake. I got confused which network port was supposed to be in use. I have one on the motherboard itself, and a separate NIC. I could not remember which one I’d taken the ethernet cable out of. I wrongly assumed it was the separate NIC, and for some reason that’s beyond me I disabled the onboard one in the BIOS.

Now I’m waiting for the damn thing to finish “applying computer settings” so I can shut it straight back down again and re-enable the onboard NIC. It really does take an incredibly ridiculously long time to start up and shut down. It drives me mad if I ever have to reboot it for some reason.

I presume that it being Small Business Server 2003 might have a small part to play, I’m sure plain old Server 2003 would run a hell of a lot faster. Maybe when I upgrade the drives I’ll actually reinstall the operating system at the same time. I really don’t need to have SBS, just Server and Exchange.

I wonder if it’s actually finished booting yet… what’s the betting it hasn’t?

UPDATE: What a surprise, it hadn’t. I ended up going to bed and checking it first thing in the morning. It was sitting on the login screen at 7am, and unfortunately since I had to go to work there was nothing more I could do. It still won’t respond to pings so I have no clue what IP settings it’s trying to use (if any). It’ll have to wait till I get off work. *le sigh*

New Server Case

I’ve run out of space in my server’s case to fit additional hard drives, in fact I’ve run out of space on the disks too. I have 5 drives in there now but only space to screw 4 so one of them is sitting loose on top of the CD drive. Not the best place for it, luckily the server is never moved around so it’s reasonably safe. However, I want to replace (most of) the drives that are currently in the server with much larger capacity SATA drives and put them in RAID, possibly RAID 5, mainly for fault tolerance purposes.

I decided to buy a new case to replace the Chieftec Dragon I’m currently using. I settled on a black SilverStone TJ05B-T. It has 2 120mm fans as standard, one on the front and one on the back plus space for 3 additional 80mm fans, so cooling shouldn’t be a problem. The case is tool-less so it uses rails for all of the drives (HDD, floppy, CD/DVD), and thumbscrews are used to attach the side panel and the hard drive cage. The cage fits 5 hard drives, and there’s space under the 5.25″ drive bays to fit another 3. That should be more than enough space for my needs! This particular model of the case has a thermal controller on the front with 3 temperature sensors. 1 for the CPU, 1 for the case and 1 for the hard drives. It can also display fan speeds from 3 different sources. Not really necessary for a server, but still a nice addition.

I will probably transfer all the hardware over from the old case into the new one tonight, then start looking into RAID cards and 300GB+ SATA drives.

Friday 12 January 2007

New Glasses

I picked up my new glasses today at lunchtime. I didn’t expect to get them this week. I was rather impressed with Specsavers’ service.

Now I’ve just got the task of getting used to a slightly different prescription and frames that feel completely different on my face. It’s been so long since I’ve changed my glasses, I can’t even remember how long it took the last time.

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