Monday 26 February 2007

Picking Up Gmail Via POP3 On Exchange 2003

If you use Small Business Server 2003 as your mail server and want to pick up email from a Gmail account via POP3 you may run into a little problem with the built-in POP3 Connector for Exchange 2003. Google requires SSL for POP3 access and the Exchange connector only supports basic POP3 connections.

After a little Googling I found some very handy instructions on how to get around this lack of functionality using a program called Stunnel.

Download the latest binary of Stunnel and install it. This program handles the SSL translation for you, and should include the required OpenSSL components.

Next you need to edit stunnel.conf in C:\Program Files\stunnel and in this file you need the following settings:




accept =

connect =

Save the config file and start Stunnel. You should see a little icon in your system tray.

Now configure the POP3 Connector to point to, and use your Gmail username and password, and hopefully it will now be able to download emails from your Gmail account.

Updated: 05/06/08

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Sunday 04 February 2007

Guys And Dolls

As my mum’s birthday present this year I bought her 2 tickets to see Guys and Dolls. Don Johnson is in the current cast as Nathan Detroit, and my mum has had a thing for him for at least 20 years.

When we got to the Piccadilly Theatre, it was over an hour before the show was to start, and we were hungry so we walked a little way down the road looking for someone to eat. Then we noticed a small crowd of people standing around on both sides of the road. It was the stage entrance to the theatre. We decided to hang around for a little bit, then one of the guards addresses the crowd saying “he won’t come out but I’ll go back inside and try to get him to come out”. So off he goes, and comes almost straight back out with DON JOHNSON!

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