Tuesday 26 June 2007

RIP Chris Benoit

1967 – 2007

He was found dead on Monday at his home in Georgia, along with his wife Nancy and their 7 year old son Daniel.

Chris… you were one of the greatest technical wrestlers ever to grace the squared circle.

You will most definitely be missed.

Rabid Wolverine – Rest In Peace

The official verdict is that Chris Benoit killed his wife and child before taking his own life over the weekend, leaving bibles beside the bodies of Nancy and Daniel.

As much as this whole situation sucks, I will remember Benoit’s great skill in the ring and all the times I enjoyed watching him wrestle. We may never truly understand what thoughts were going through his mind when he did committed those terrible acts.

Monday 25 June 2007

Die Hard Music Video By GuyzNite


Glastonbury 2007

After a weekend of terrible weather, the Glastonbury Festival is over for another year. After seeing the amount of rain that fell, I am so glad that the thought of attending had never actually crossed my mind. The mud was horrific, I would go crazy being covered in it. I am not a big fan of getting totally filthy.

UPDATE: Removed the links to the videos as they were removed.

Sunday 10 June 2007

Jericho Saved By Nuts Campaign

Jericho, one of my favourite TV shows, got cancelled last month after finishing their first season. That was terrible news as I’d really enjoyed watching the show, and it had been left on a cliffhanger!

In the final episode there was a reference to the Battle of Bastogne and General Anthony McAuliffe’s historic reply when surrounded and being asked to surrender to the German army – “NUTS!” Jake Green repeated this phrase at the end of the episode, and so fans of the show started to bombard CBS Headquarters in New York City and Los Angeles with tons and tons of nuts. In the end over 20 tons of nuts were delivered. I donated $50 towards the campaign through NutsOnline.

Then on the 6th of June I received an email from the guys at NutsOnline with the subject “You NUTS Saved Jericho!”. My mouth dropped open as I read the first line of the email: “Holy salted peanuts, Jericho lovers! You did it! We did it. We all did it. We saved Jericho!”

I quickly clicked through to the Jericho page on NutsOnline’s site and read Nina Tassler’s message to all Jericho fans. You can read this below or on the Jericho message board on CBS.com.

Seven new episodes is better than nothing, but I really hope the viewing figures can increase enough to gain Jericho a full season.

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Saturday 09 June 2007

Gigs 2007

The gigs I went to in 2007:

Gossip (myspace) – 15th September @ Brighton Dome – Entry.

Ross Noble – 3rd November @ Hammersmith Apollo

Within Temptation (myspace) – 27th November @ Brixton Academy

Gogol Bordello – 8th December @ Hammersmith Apollo – Entry.

Friday 08 June 2007

Shoot Em Up

This movie looks pretty cool:

Monday 04 June 2007

Windows Live Writer

I’m playing with the latest beta of Windows Live Writer, and it’s pretty cool. I like the way you can create entries using the same style as your blog so you can instantly see how it will appear on your site.

One thing that’s bugging me though is the spelling checker. Is it possible to use a UK dictionary? I seem to be stuck using a US one, which puts red squiggles under all the words with ‘u’s in!

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