Tuesday 26 February 2008

Outlook Sucks

Outlook sucks. It won’t allow me to delete more than 4000 items at a time. I still have over 86,000 to delete, starting with over 105,000. This will take me forever.

UPDATE: Maybe using the Archive option might be a good idea. Let Outlook archive everything into a PST then simply delete the PST. I started to try this route then it stopped with a useless error message which didn’t help me in the slightest. Trying again!

UPDATE 2: After a ridiculous amount of time spent on deleting all those damn emails I finally completed it yesterday – archiving didn’t really work as it kept getting stuck on certain messages for no reason I could figure out, so I ended up doing most of it manually again.

Monday 04 February 2008


I went to see Cloverfield last night, and absolutely loved it.

As many people will already know, it’s filmed as if it’s on a hand-held camcorder held by one of the cast – mostly by a guy called Hud; and it keeps flicking between the events of the night in question and what was previously recorded on the tape in the camera.

There was a warning on the door to the screen likening the effects of the jerky filming to those you’d get on a roller-coaster, and although there have been reports of some people puking from motion sickness, I never once felt in the slightest bit ill.

The way it was filmed really lent itself to this type of movie, you never really see what is going on or what the monster looks like all in one go till much later in the film, and only right at the end do you actually get the best view of it. This all works in keeping the audience in suspense, and never quite holding all the facts.

You never really see where the monster comes from, or what happens to it at the end, the camera isn’t pointed the right way so it leaves it up to your imagination – although there is a slight clue right at the end of the credits (you’re better off looking it up on YouTube than actually waiting to hear it yourself), and there is already talk of a sequel.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Cloverfield and I highly recommend you go see in a cinema – do not download a crappy pirated version, you will miss out on the “experience”.

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