Friday 29 August 2008

Nerd Tests

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Sunday 24 August 2008

Bye Bye SideBlog, Hello Shorts

I have wanted to get rid of the SideBlog feature of this blog for ages, I never really liked that name when I chose it, but I couldn’t really think of anything better at the time. So now I’ve come to a decision to rename that section “Shorts”, since that’s basically what it is. A collection of short entries and links.

Hopefully I’ve redirected all the URLs correctly, but there may be people on the old feed URL who won’t get updated, so you’d probably have to resubscribe if you want to keep up with any entries I put on there.

Update: I forgot to update my 404 error page with the new name/link. Oops!

UPDATE: On 13/03/09 I removed the Shorts feature of my site, redirecting all traffic to my Delicious page.

Thursday 21 August 2008

Exchange 2007 Not Processing Forward/Redirect Rules

I wanted to have certain emails forwarded to my Gmail account from my Exchange mailbox as they arrived, as email arriving in my Gmail account are pushed to my phone, not unlike a Blackberry. I soon realised that the rule was not working, and so did a little research.

What I discovered is that automatic forwarding to an external domain is disabled by default so I had to turn that option on. Internal forwarding is enabled by default.

To do this, open the Exchange Management Console, open up Organisation Configuration, select Hub Transport and go to the Remote Domains tab.

Normally there will be only one entry in the list, so select this and go to Properties.

Click onto the Message Format tab, and check the Allow automatic forward option, and click OK.

Now your forward and redirect rules should work to external domains!

TL;DR – EMC > Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Remote Domain Properties > Message Format Tab > Allow automatic forward

Generation Kill – The Killer Elite

I’ve been watching the HBO mini-series Generation Kill recently, based on journalist Evan Wright’s experiences in Iraq travelling with 1st Recon Battalion of the US Marine Corps. It’s a very interesting look into the mindset and lives of a Marine unit during a time of war. It’s a shame that it’s only 7 episodes long, with 1 left to air, as it really is quite gripping.

I started reading The Killer Elite, Wright’s 3-part article on the Rolling Stone website, on which the book and later the TV series were based. It just goes to show just how close to the original story the TV series has stayed, only a few minor details changed here and there.

If you get a chance to watch the TV show, I highly recommend it.

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Plurk Syntax

I couldn’t find this information on Plurk‘s website, so I’ve put it here for future reference.

Use double asterisks before and after a word: **word**

Use an asterisk before and after a word: *word*

Use double underscores before and after a word: __word__

Type the URL and put the title you want in brackets: url (title)

Videos & Images:
Paste the direct URL into the text box

Link User Names:
Use the @ symbol before the user name to link to their profile: @Username

Thursday 14 August 2008

440 Login Timeout

If anyone receives this error when trying to access OWA on Exchange 2007, and have modified their logon.aspx and/or logoff.aspx files (and probably any others), make sure the permissions are set correctly!

I was getting a blank page when trying to load OWA after updating to Rollup 3 for Exchange 2007 SP1 which I discovered was due to my modified logon/logoff files not being updated properly, so I reinstalled it and all was fine – until I re-applied my modifications.

Although the permissions looked correct at first glance, there definitely was something wrong with them as the 440 Login Timeout error disappeared once I toggled the allow inheritable permissions to propagate setting, removing all previously existing permissions in the process.

From a quick search on Google, there did seem to be a few other reasons you might be getting this error, but for me, resetting the permissions on all the files I had changed fixed it.

Hope this helps!

Wednesday 13 August 2008

Bring On The Trumpets!

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