Monday 27 April 2009


I ordered some large cardboard boxes yesterday, along with ordinary bubble wrap, anti-static bubble wrap and some silica gel packets.

As I can’t take all my belongings with me until I am a Permanent Resident, I will be storing everything in my parents’ loft, which can get quite humid explaining the silica gel – I don’t particularly want anything ruined while it’s in storage! Packing will start soon-ish. Already it’s only 57 days till I fly out.

I have quite a few computers and spare components that will need storing as well. Including my main PC. Luckily I kept the boxes the case and monitor came in, so I can re-use those. I will probably partially dismantle my PCs before they get stored so that transportation doesn’t cause any damage to the motherboard or add-in cards. My heatsinks are pretty heavy, so I’ll probably remove them, and my graphics card too.

I’ve got a load of stuff I need to put on eBay – 2 or 3 car stereos, subwoofer, 2 speakers with tweeters, 2 amps, subwoofer box, mini CD/radio Hi-Fi… maybe a couple of other things. I’ve taken a few box loads of things not worth selling to the local charity shop, and dumped an incredible amount of junk that I accumulated over the past 15 years, recycling what can be.

In June, I will be entering Canada with 2 full suitcases, which will be mostly clothes and just a few necessities. Saying goodbye to the stuff I’m keeping will be hard, but at least it won’t be forever.

Sunday 19 April 2009

New Domain!

Ever since I bought a .me back in July 2008 when registration was opened, I’ve wanted sort out the multiple domains I had, as I had no clear plan of what I should do with them.

I started out using in 1999, the first domain I ever bought, but then registered in 2001. I didn’t really do anything with for years. I bought in 2004, and pretty much replaced the with it.

After starting a blog in 2003, I used a few different subdomains off before deciding to move it to in 2005, where it stayed until last week.

I still couldn’t quite decide what I should do with or and they stayed separate sites for many years, until last year when I merged them into Even though I’d done that, I still wasn’t completely happy.

Fast forward to 2009, and I finally made a choice that I am happy with. When they opened the .me registrations, I snapped up QUACK.ME. Last week I decided to use this as my main domain for my website, instead of using multiple different domain names.

So now,, and all forward to

Since I started using, I’ve spent many hours re-coding my templates, trying to get everything just right. I set up a lifestream powered by the Action Streams plugin. I did have a lifestream set up on but that was in WordPress using data from Profilactic. Now it’s Movable Type based, just like my blog.

I shifted a few things around in the sidebar, and removed the Plurk and Twitter widgets as they now appear on the lifestream page; I decided to leave the ones as I like them. I added thumbnails to my Flickr posts. I moved the search box from the sidebar to the header under the big RSS icon.

I’ll probably keep finding new things to fiddle around with on my site, as I always do.

Thursday 09 April 2009


I handed in my notice yesterday, I will be leaving my current job in 8 weeks. 2 weeks later I fly out to Canada to start my new life with my girlfriend.

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