Tuesday 26 May 2009

Tidying The Loft

As I’ll be storing the majority of my belongings due to be shipped over to Canada when they can be in my parents’ loft, I needed to clear out some of the crap we/I’ve accumulated. I completed half of the clearance over the weekend just gone, so now one end of the loft is totally empty, with all the icky spider webs vacuumed up and all the sawdust, gravel and everything else swept up.

The other half of the loft is full of spider webs, and empty boxes. Cleaning that half is not going to be fun. Luckily the vacuum has a long extension to the hose so I can keep my distance and not get covered in spider webs. Bleh!

The job will be made harder by the fact that there are roofing beams jutting out waiting for you to bang your head on, which I managed to do yesterday… it hurt. I think I might take a saw into the loft next time and cut off the dangerous bits. We removed a couple years ago, but using a hand saw was way too much work in those cramped conditions, maybe a jigsaw might be easier to handle.

I’ll have to make a start on the other half soon, as I leave for Canada in less than a month.

Thursday 21 May 2009

Found In My Drawer






Friday 08 May 2009


I started to upgrade my Slice to Jaunty Jackalope from Intrepid Ibex about 30 minutes ago, only took about 10-15 minutes. It’s really quite impressive to simply issue one command, with the minimum of queries about user-modified config files, and within a few minutes you’re running a brand new operating system.

Beats the pants off the 40+ minutes it takes to upgrade to another version of Windows!

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