Sunday 19 September 2010

FeedBurner Ping Issue

I seem to be having an issue with Movable Type pinging FeedBurner.

UPDATE: Fixed it. I think I had an old URL listed somewhere that was tripping it up.
UPDATE 2: Still throwing errors, removed the option to ping it at all.
Saturday 18 September 2010

Xbox 360 Gaming

My roommate picked up a copy of Halo: Reach last night and we sat down to play some co-op. 3 hours later and we’d completed the first 3 missions. The game is pretty awesome. I really miss being able to dual-wield weapons like you can in Halo 3 though. I spent part of today completing a few achievements I had missed early on in the game.

Earlier this week I started playing Halo 3 again after a long break, realising I hadn’t actually gotten any achievements for completing the first few missions of the campaign because I had played them on easy. After getting the Campaign Complete: Normal achievement I decided to collect all of the skulls, I had already found 2 during a co-op game ages ago but I wanted to get them all.
So, on Wednesday I completed finding all of the skulls from the campaign, and then moved onto those in multiplayer levels. Took me a while but I managed to collect all of the Mythic level skulls including the one hidden on the Sandbox level which requires you to overload the level (there are other ways but overloading is so much easier), unlocking the Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan achievement.
After getting that last achievement I put Red Faction: Guerrilla into the drive and loaded up the last mission. I had last tried to complete it back in June and kept failing to finish it without dying. I had started to get rather angry about this, so put the game away and planned to come back to it at a later date with a fresh head.
I amazed myself, since I completed the final mission in ONE attempt. I had spent hours trying and trying to do it before, but after a few months away from the game, I guess I had to just be patient.
Now that I’ve finished all the story missions I get the chance to complete the remaining guerrilla actions and get the achievements for those. One thing though, by completing the game, it raises the difficulty level on you!
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