Thursday 14 July 2011

MT Strangeness

Why would mt-check.cgi and the System Overview/Tools pages give me different results on the same installation?

In mt-check.cgi it says that some of the optional Perl modules are installed, whereas the System Overview page says they aren’t. Also it shows up an old plugin folder in the includes section that no longer exists, which isn’t there in the mt-check.cgi version.

Very confusing, and probably something to do with the errors I’m getting.

Update: Hmm, well I just checked both pages again and they’re now saying the same thing. I tried clearing my cache and logging out/back in yesterday and they were different.

Action Streams Error

Just for reference, here is the error from Action Streams I’m getting:

Error during task 'Poll for new events': "expat_parser" is not exported by the MT::Util module Can't continue after import errors at /cgi-bin/plugins/ActionStreams/lib/ActionStreams/ line 20 BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /cgi-bin/plugins/ActionStreams/lib/ActionStreams/ line 20. Compilation failed in require at /cgi-bin/plugins/ActionStreams/lib/ActionStreams/ line 798.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Thinking About WordPress

Movable Type seems to heading towards a dead end, and I’m thinking about jumping ship to the much more popular WordPress. There used to be a great community built around MT, creating plugins and helping out when things go wrong… but where are all these people now? Using WordPress!

After a few upgrades to my copy of MT and my web server, the Action Streams plugin that powers the LifeStream part of my site appears to be broken. I can’t work out how to fix it as there’s no one out there any more! Also the site search has been broken for months. I’ve hidden those sections since they’re useless until I can somehow fix them.

So I am starting to think seriously about dropping Movable Type once and for all, and install WordPress 3.2.x instead.

Car Issues Update

I had the Air/Fuel sensors replaced back in May, and my fuel economy has much improved. I’m actually getting what the manual says I should be, so it’s certainly costing me a bit less in petrol. Although with the prices so ridiculously high in the city of London, it still hits me in the wallet… just not as often.

I have just changed insurance companies, as of yesterday.

I was paying State Farm $369 a month for auto and home insurance. When I first signed up for insurance with State Farm I have a feeling they ignored my previous 13 years driving in the UK and just went by the date I got my UK licence exchanged for an Ontario one. So after a little over a year, a couple of weeks ago I decided to start looking around for a better deal.

By using the date I actually got my licence back in the UK, I got much better quotes, and a couple of companies contacted me to get more details.

I eventually chose The Co-operators as the company I would take my business to. They offered me auto, home and life insurance for only $185 a month. This is 50% of what I was paying!

I am looking forward to having an extra $185 in my pocket every month. I could fill my tank 3 times over with it!

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