Tuesday 30 July 2013

Brief Update

Wow, just realised how long ago I actually posted anything here. Since my last update Google Reader has been shut down, and FeedBurner is probably on the chopping block next. I guess I’ll have to find a new way to add items to my Shared blog; if I even want to keep it going – and also revert to using a direct feed from my site instead of relying on a Google service that may not survive forever.

In other news, I had my cell phone stolen last week. This is a huge nuisance and highly upsetting. I have had to change so many passwords, and there are still more services I don’t even remember having loaded on my phone that need their passwords changed. UGH! I had everything set up just the way I wanted it… and stupidly hadn’t backed up in 2 months. Now I need to get a new iPhone and will lose the ability to jailbreak it again. :sadface:

Hopefully there’ll be one released for iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 when iOS 7 gets released, or even one for 7 itself. I need my jailbreak! The phone just doesn’t feel like it’s my property without it. Too restricted. Also sucks not being able to use Cydia apps I actually paid for.

Saturday 25 February 2012


It’s been a while since I last posted anything substantial. So here are some updates as to what’s happened since my last post in October.

As I posted before, I got issued a Social Insurance Number. Still haven’t received the plastic card, so I have to call someone about that! I was also issued an Ontario Health Card so I can get basic medical treatment for free, instead of paying through the nose just to see a doctor for 5 minutes.

I got my old job at McDonald’s back, still working the overnight shift – mostly full-time.

I had the brake discs and pads on my Lexus replaced last month. For a while I’d been feeling a vibration in the brake pedal, which I had attributed to a warped rotor. My pads were also pretty worn. I wasn’t happy with how long the pads fitted at Canadian Tire had lasted so I ordered Centric discs and Akebono pads from Tirerack.com where they were almost half the price of what I’d be paying in Canada. I also ordered some ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid so that my brake lines could be flushed out and the fluid replaced with something excellent quality. Bri and I went across the border to the USA to pick them up instead of getting them shipped here. Much cheaper that way.

While in the USA picking up the brakes, we visited our friend Mimi and her 2 kids Josh and Ashlee. Bri and I took down a suitcase full of clothes for them that had been donated by our friends. Mimi, Josh and Ashlee were over the moon with what we delivered to them. They’d had to leave a lot of their belongings behind in Mexico so didn’t have many clothes with them in the US.

We finally replaced the broken seatbelt. They are not cheap! My wife can now sit in the front passenger seat again, instead of being relegated to the back. I no longer feel like a chauffeur.

Since Valentine’s Day was the day of our friend Katz’s benefit concert at Call The Office, I took my lovely wife out to dinner on the 17th. We went to Spageddy Eddy’s, and ate a ridiculous amount of pasta. Absolutely worth going to.

Afterwards we went to see Kittie at the London Music Hall. I had bought the tickets a few weeks before, but kept it a total secret. I let Bri know where we were going on Friday morning and she was ecstatic. She’s like the band for years – and is actually related to one of the band members!

Thanks to Google deciding to remove the Share feature from Google Reader, I’ve set up a separate blog that I’ve imported all my old shared items to and is updated with new articles I want to share/save.

Bad news now… Bri’s grandmother passed away peacefully on the morning of Saturday 18th February. You can read her obituary at London Cremation Services.

She was a wonderful lady, and suffered greatly in the past year or so with illness. She is now at peace. Her ashes were interred yesterday. The day had started out rainy, but almost as soon as the minister started the reading, it stopped and the sun came out for a few minutes… and went away again when all was done. A sign? Maybe.

Welp, that’s enough typing for now.

Sunday 02 October 2011

Permanent Resident

I am now officially a Permanent Resident of Canada.

I “landed” on Friday with my wife at Sarnia, after taking a short trip to Michigan to do some shopping.

I had been incredibly nervous about the whole thing, but it was completely painless. Took no more than 15 minutes.

My PR Confirmation form was completed and stapled into my passport, and my Goods to Follow lists were stamped. I’m now free to import the rest of my belongings – I’ll finally be able to have my computer back! I’ve missed it so much. Using a netbook for the past 2 years has slowly been driving me insane.

Now I have to apply for a Social Insurance Number and an Ontario Health Card. I’ve already filled out the SIN application so I’m ready to walk into the Service Canada office next week. Then I’ll go to Service Ontario in Lambeth to get the application form I need for a health card.

Won’t be long until I have a job again either. I’ve been out of work for over a year, and I can’t wait to get back into employment.

Saturday 18 September 2010

Xbox 360 Gaming

My roommate picked up a copy of Halo: Reach last night and we sat down to play some co-op. 3 hours later and we’d completed the first 3 missions. The game is pretty awesome. I really miss being able to dual-wield weapons like you can in Halo 3 though. I spent part of today completing a few achievements I had missed early on in the game.

Earlier this week I started playing Halo 3 again after a long break, realising I hadn’t actually gotten any achievements for completing the first few missions of the campaign because I had played them on easy. After getting the Campaign Complete: Normal achievement I decided to collect all of the skulls, I had already found 2 during a co-op game ages ago but I wanted to get them all.
So, on Wednesday I completed finding all of the skulls from the campaign, and then moved onto those in multiplayer levels. Took me a while but I managed to collect all of the Mythic level skulls including the one hidden on the Sandbox level which requires you to overload the level (there are other ways but overloading is so much easier), unlocking the Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan achievement.
After getting that last achievement I put Red Faction: Guerrilla into the drive and loaded up the last mission. I had last tried to complete it back in June and kept failing to finish it without dying. I had started to get rather angry about this, so put the game away and planned to come back to it at a later date with a fresh head.
I amazed myself, since I completed the final mission in ONE attempt. I had spent hours trying and trying to do it before, but after a few months away from the game, I guess I had to just be patient.
Now that I’ve finished all the story missions I get the chance to complete the remaining guerrilla actions and get the achievements for those. One thing though, by completing the game, it raises the difficulty level on you!
Sunday 31 January 2010

Working Hard

I’ve been working for McDonald’s now for 2 months.

I work overnights Sun-Thurs, at a 24 hour store.
The restaurant is the closest to UWO.
I serve a lot of drunk students.
Thursday nights are very busy.
I enjoy the work.
Tuesday 24 November 2009

New Job

I have finally got a job!

I went for an interview at McDonald’s today, and they hired me. I start next week, in the kitchen.
After being out of work since June, I’m very happy right now to be getting back into employment.
Wednesday 28 October 2009

I Miss You Bonita

A year ago today, my best friend Bonita died in a car crash, tragically the day after her wedding.

The pain of losing her is still fresh and what makes it worse is that we’d not spoken for months before it happened. We just… drifted apart. I was too busy in my own affairs. She, I imagine, was busy in hers. She’d recently started flying again, she really did love to be a flight attendant. I sometimes wonder how many passengers she’d actually ordered out of her galley over the years. 
I regret that we had drifted apart. I realise that there’s nothing I can do, but it still doesn’t help ease my mind any.
She was such a positive person, never a bad word to say about anyone. She lit up the lives of everyone who met her. Even those who hadn’t met her, and had only chatted online to her, knew she was someone special. She could always make you laugh. We shared some really good times, I just wish we could’ve spent more time together.
I miss her so much.
Requiescat in pace Bonita.
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