Thursday 05 February 2009

Oasis By Amanda Palmer

This song has caused some controversy, Amanda has commented on it in her latest blog entry.

Thursday 29 January 2009

iTunes Plus – A La Carte

No more “all or nothing”!

Until today, if you wanted to upgrade your iTunes library to iTunes Plus format songs, you either had to upgrade them all, or go without. For me that’d cost around £95, in one go.

Today, however, Apple have apparently listened to its customers and will now let you pick and choose which songs you want to upgrade to Plus.



Tuesday 06 January 2009

iTunes Goes DRM-Free & iPhone Music Store Allows 3G Downloads

The news pretty much everywhere is that iTunes has finally dropped DRM from almost all of its tracks, and will be totally DRM-free* by the end of March. So that’s 8 million songs sold without DRM now, and the remaining 2 million by April. As Apple says, iTunes Plus (256Kbit AAC) is now the new standard.

Also, there will be variable price points introduced in April, as part of the agreement reached between Apple and the Big Four record labels. I’m not sure what this translates to in British Pounds, but in USD you’ll be able to buy songs at 69c, 99c and $1.29. Hopefully not too many songs will be sold at the higher price, but I’m sure the labels will be pushing for it on as many as possible!

The other great news is that the iTunes Music Store on the iPhone will now allow downloads over 3G, so you don’t have to find a Wi-Fi hotspot to buy new songs.

All we need now is a simpler way to unlock the iPhone! I’ve tried to get yellowsn0w working, but every attempt I’ve made to get it onto T-Mobile UK PAYG has failed thus far. Maybe I need a bit more patience.

* Videos will keep DRM.

Friday 21 November 2008

Leeds United

You can also view the video in HD on Vimeo.

I appear in the video around the 3:30 mark, hugging a girl in a pink top and a top hat.

Wednesday 19 November 2008

iTunes 8.0.1

Now that Requiem 1.8.2 is out, I can finally upgrade to iTunes 8.0.1!

Upgrading my iPhone should be fun. I have a few Cydia apps, and I understand there is a special way to deal with those in upgrades.

Saturday 11 October 2008

Amanda Palmer @ KOKO

Amanda Palmer with Jason Webley, Zoe Keating and The Danger Ensemble played KOKO in Camden last night. I’ve seen her so many times this year I feel like a stalker… first at the ICA, then at the football game in Shepherd’s Bush, then at the Leeds United video shoot, then at Brighton, then London and in November I’ll be in Toronto.

I had managed to leave my ticket at home so I had to leave work early and drive home to get it, instead of going straight from work to the station, which would’ve gotten me to Camden a lot earlier. I was a bit stressed most of the day, until I actually got to Camden and through the doors.

So as I posted on The ShadowBox:

After a hurried drive all the way home from work, then changed quicker

than Superman, and back out to grab a train, I managed to get to the

gig about 7:15. Not exactly when I wanted to arrive in Camden but at

least I made it!

About the show itself? What can I possibly say?


I was quite a way back from the stage, I still managed to be in the

middle of the show, as Amanda brushed past me on her way to the stage

with her veil, and Mark from the Danger Ensemble was stood right next

to me holding a laptop all the way through Blake Says. Pretty cool!


apart from the stress of forgetting my ticket and the rush home, it was

one of the best gigs I have ever been to. And to finish… BRING ON

TORONTO IN NOVEMBER! So cannot wait to do it all again, with my

girlfriend by my side.

I’ll upload some photos from KOKO to my Flickr later.

Tuesday 30 September 2008

Damn You Apple!

Right now I’m in a situation that I really hate.

I have an iPhone (locked to O2 [boo] and running OS 2.0.2) and I have iTunes 7.7, but I hate DRM*.

I still buy music from the iTunes Music Store in spite of the DRM, but thanks to Requiem I can strip the DRM off and then I can play the music on anything I want to.

Now there’s iPhone OS 2.1 and iTunes 8.

You can’t install OS 2.1 without iTunes 8 being installed, and Requiem is not updated for 8 yet (if it ever will be), and there are applications in the App Store that require you to have OS 2.1 installed – including 3 apps I already have installed and now cannot update them!

I am really hoping that Brahms can update Requiem to cope with iTunes 8, or else I’m stuck not being able to buy music from the Music Store any more – and I like the simplicity of the store, in spite of the majority of tracks still having DRM added to them.

* DRM (in any form) penalises PAYING customers. It NEVER stops people downloading illegally.

UPDATE: Requiem 1.8.2 is now out for Windows users!

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