Tuesday 07 February 2012

Source for Sports sign on Wharncliffe

This is in reference to: Progress Rail closing London plant – Caterpillar owns Progress Rail.

Thursday 22 September 2011

Facebook’s Latest Changes

I’m really not sure why people are having such a hard time understanding the new Facebook layout. You get more information now than you did before!

You used to have 2 tabs Top Stories and Most Recent – they’ve merged them into one page. The ticker on the right shows updates AS they happen, like the Most Recent tab did. Simply hover over stories to see more detail.

Maybe people just miss the Top Stories page, which was kind of useless anyway. I always switched to Most Recent. I’m glad they did away with the 2 streams. NEW updates are definitely more important than what happened 5 hours ago. Ever hear of Twitter?

This is a change for the better IMO. Now bring on Facebook Music!

Tuesday 26 February 2008

Outlook Sucks

Outlook sucks. It won’t allow me to delete more than 4000 items at a time. I still have over 86,000 to delete, starting with over 105,000. This will take me forever.

UPDATE: Maybe using the Archive option might be a good idea. Let Outlook archive everything into a PST then simply delete the PST. I started to try this route then it stopped with a useless error message which didn’t help me in the slightest. Trying again!

UPDATE 2: After a ridiculous amount of time spent on deleting all those damn emails I finally completed it yesterday – archiving didn’t really work as it kept getting stuck on certain messages for no reason I could figure out, so I ended up doing most of it manually again.

Monday 29 October 2007

Damn Clocks

British Summer Time, the name us Brits give to DST ended yesterday. My bedside clock is radio controlled so was changed to the correct time automatically, as was the display on my DVD Recorder which picks it up from Teletext. I had to change my wrist-watch manually. No problems there.

My PC runs Vista and XP. Both are capable of changing the system time when they detect the start or end of DST. This is something you need to watch out for if you dual-boot! When I first turned my PC on, I booted into Vista which saw the date and took an hour off, so it was back to GMT.

After playing the Crysis SP Demo, I then rebooted into XP. Here’s where I found a problem – XP also saw the date and doing the right thing, took an hour off… but since my PC had already been set back, it was now running at GMT-1. D’oh!

And of course, all the clocks in the kitchen hadn’t been changed, so they were all still GMT+1.

So I’d look at the time on my DVD recorder while watching TV from my bed, I’d go and sit at my PC for a bit, lose track of the real time then look at the PC’s clock and not realise it was actually wrong, then go downstairs and get even more confused because the time was shown 2 hours more than my PC.

All in all, Sunday was a very confusing day for me!

Monday 17 September 2007

Thieving Bastards

A few days ago someone went into our garage and stole 2 sets of golf clubs, belonging to my dad and my brother. The contents of my dad’s golf bag add up to over £3000, so someone’s managed to get themselves a fantastic five fingered discount. Bastard.

Saturday 07 October 2006

My Ongoing Car Saga Part 5

Guess what arrived in the post this morning…


Someone from my insurance company phoned me yesterday and told me they’d received it and it’d be in the post and should arrive in a few days, but it came this morning. I stuck it, the letter of no interest and the retention application form in an envelope and shoved it in the mail back to the DVLA.

You know what really pisses me off about this whole mess? When I first requested the report I still had a month left on my tax disc. Now we’re in October and it expires on the 31st. I can’t get a refund on what was left now… thanks a bunch, bloody useless insurance company!

Wednesday 04 October 2006

My Ongoing Car Saga Part 4

The engineer that looked at my car should be fired.

I’ve been waiting 12 days for him to send his fucking report into my insurer’s claims department, and still nothing. How many times do I have to ring up and get a CSR to chase him for it?

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