Monday 29 May 2006

England vs Barbarians

Went to Twickenham on Sunday to see England pull out a great 46-19 victory over the Barbarians. It started off a bit shaky but England stayed strong and eventually racked up 6 tries.

James Simpson-Daniel scored a fantastic try, intercepting the ball from a Baa-Baa pass right up at the England end, saving us from conceding a try, and ran almost the full length of the pitch to place the ball neatly between the Barbarian posts.

Full match write-ups: BBC, Rugby Rugby.

Saturday 19 March 2005

England vs Scotland @ Twickenham

My dad managed to get his hands on 3 tickets (with hospitality!) to Twickers to go see England vs Scotland today, so my dad, my brother and I all went up there to watch the English beat the crap out of the Scots… which they did. 43-22!!

The game was fantastic, England got an early lead but then scored 3 tries in a row and I thought they might just clinch it, but England held on and got us the result we wanted… and took the Calcutta Cup 2005.

Absolutely brilliant, the atmosphere was fantastic, and I had a blast.

I took a few pics on my camera while I was there, unfortunately none of the actual game came out very well… way too blurry but here are the ones that did come out fine.

Twickenham - The Stands

Twickenham - The Pitch

Twickenham - The Flags

Twickenham - The England Team

My Brother, My Dad and Me - in our rugby shirts!

Here’s the BBC’s match report. 🙂

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