Thursday 03 October 2013

Wish List

Wow, it’s already October! This means my birthday will be coming up soon, and Christmas isn’t too far away either.

I just set up a wish list on Wishlistr to try to keep track of some of the things I would love to receive, or even just to buy myself eventually.

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Brief Update

Wow, just realised how long ago I actually posted anything here. Since my last update Google Reader has been shut down, and FeedBurner is probably on the chopping block next. I guess I’ll have to find a new way to add items to my Shared blog; if I even want to keep it going – and also revert to using a direct feed from my site instead of relying on a Google service that may not survive forever.

In other news, I had my cell phone stolen last week. This is a huge nuisance and highly upsetting. I have had to change so many passwords, and there are still more services I don’t even remember having loaded on my phone that need their passwords changed. UGH! I had everything set up just the way I wanted it… and stupidly hadn’t backed up in 2 months. Now I need to get a new iPhone and will lose the ability to jailbreak it again. :sadface:

Hopefully there’ll be one released for iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 when iOS 7 gets released, or even one for 7 itself. I need my jailbreak! The phone just doesn’t feel like it’s my property without it. Too restricted. Also sucks not being able to use Cydia apps I actually paid for.

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