Tuesday 26 February 2008

Outlook Sucks

Outlook sucks. It won’t allow me to delete more than 4000 items at a time. I still have over 86,000 to delete, starting with over 105,000. This will take me forever.

UPDATE: Maybe using the Archive option might be a good idea. Let Outlook archive everything into a PST then simply delete the PST. I started to try this route then it stopped with a useless error message which didn’t help me in the slightest. Trying again!

UPDATE 2: After a ridiculous amount of time spent on deleting all those damn emails I finally completed it yesterday – archiving didn’t really work as it kept getting stuck on certain messages for no reason I could figure out, so I ended up doing most of it manually again.

Monday 11 December 2006

Christmas Decorations At Work

Last week we had some fun making our own multi-coloured paper-chains to hang from the ceiling and snowflakes for the windows. We also put up some fairy lights along the window frame.

Wednesday 04 January 2006

Cabling Spaghetti


Friday 03 December 2004

Busy Few Days

Almost as soon as I had gotten into work on Monday, I was called up by one of my colleagues who informed me I had to get over to Richmond ASAP and go on a job with someone from a company called NPS to roll-out some software to one of their clients.

I hopped in a cab and headed over to Richmond where I met Manoj, and we both got in another taxi to go to Windsor. We arrived a little while later at the King Edward VII hospital, but we couldn’t start work there on Monday, we’d have to wait till Tuesday. So, we made our way over to Reading and started work at Reading NHS Primary Care Trust.

What we had to do was check each computer for a local printer, if there was one attached, we had to install the .NET framework and some Print Auditing software on the PC. This didn’t take too long to complete at this location.

The next day we started at another NHS building in Theale, there was less to do here, so we finished quite quickly. Later that afternoon we headed back to the K.E. VII hospital in Windsor and started there. This location would take a lot longer, as the building is pretty big and there were a lot more PCs. We ended up finishing the ground floor on Tuesday and spent the whole of Wednesday doing the first and second floors. In all, we must’ve installed the software on over 80 computers in all 3 locations.

I’m glad that’s over and done with. It was pretty tiring, lots of standing about, walking from room to room and waiting for people to vacate their computers before you can start.

Thursday and Friday were spent back in the office as usual. Phew!

Friday 05 November 2004

New Office

Just made an appointment to go visit the new London Office on Wednesday. Should be interesting.


15 days till my trip, leaving on the 20th. Yay!

Our London office planning to start their move to new offices on the 19th. Boo!

Probably not the best timing by any means, but I’m going on holiday and that plan is not changing. So there.

There’s a lot that needs to be done IT wise. I have got to go up to London early next week and check all the cabling in the new offices to see if we can use it or not, or if it all needs replacing.

I really want to get an Exchange Server installed in the Sutton office and start moving people over to it, I am primed and ready to do this… but someone seems to be holding it up, as usual. I have been waiting for Exchange for almost 2 years now. Why is it so damn difficult to get something incredibly important to the entire business bought in this company, when money can be spent on less important things willy nilly?

Most of my day involves me sitting idle, when I could be doing something important like importing thousands of pieces of email into new accounts and setting everyone up with Outlook 2003. Frustrating isn’t the word.

I’ll be so glad once the purchase is made and I actually have some damn work to do.

Friday 10 September 2004

Magic Touch?

A few people at work have commented on my apparent “magic touch” when it comes to computer equipment. When people are having problems, sometimes all it needs is me to walk into the room and whatever was going wrong will suddenly go away. I don’t know if this is a blessing or not… because it makes it so damn hard to solve any sort of problem if it’s not visible at the time!

I went out to a client’s this afternoon. His laptop had died completely, he told me. So I get there expecting to find a dead laptop, but once I’d simply plugged in the AC adapter and hit the power button… I saw the XP logo appear. The client was stunned. He’d tried everything to try get it working again… and all I did was walk in and turn it on.

He’d even gone out and spent £800 on a brand new laptop… very nice one it is too. He was due, the old one was at least 5 years old and bits were falling off it like crazy. It was held together with Sellotape!!

I was glad his old one started working though, made it a lot easier to set up his new one, as I could run the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard and get everything copied over 🙂

Only problem I had was with rights once I’d joined his new laptop to the domain – he didn’t have administrator rights over the laptop but he did over the entire network. Silly XP! Easy to solve though… log in as Administrator to the domain, and add his user account to the Local Computer administrators group.


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